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I Help Extraordinary People
To Be Extraordinary Leaders,
Enjoying Wealth, Health And Freedom.




Ahmad Zaga runs a success academy for leaders based in London and Istanbul.

Ultra-successful people are the ones who call Ahmad. His clients have included serial entrepreneurs, school principles, consultants, coaches, sport athletes, film directors and TV actors.


He has 15+ years experience in leadership, production design and personal branding.

Ahmad's big picture is to mobilise
$100 million to educate a million children. his academy has launched a leadership school club in many schools.


You Don't Learn From Your Experience,
You Learn From Reflecting On Your Experience...
This Is Why You Need A Coach.


2 Months 1-1 Coaching

You will get everything clear about your situation, know exactly what to do before jumping your biggest leap this year.


5 Months 1-1 Coaching

It's about your agenda, where my coaching will be tailored for you,to make sure you reach there

easier and faster than you imagine.


1 Year 1-1 Coaching

I encourage and work with my clients to achieve impossible goals.

How far can we possibly go?